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Hi everyone, welcome to my site. I am Veasna Sam and I am an online marketing coach and author. I help coach salespeople and marketers about online marketing to enable them to generate more sales results and earn more income through sharing my e-book, articles in my blog, webinars, and seminars. Therefore, I created this site to help salespeople and marketers who are looking to upgrade their knowledge on online marketing to help shift results in their digital marketing department and to help those who are looking to make money online.

With the power of obtaining online marketing knowledge, you have the power of choice: to make more income either by helping businesses or leveraging online marketing platforms to make passive income. I will help you by sharing my e-book articles in my blog webinar and seminar For those who are looking to upgrade their Facebook marketing, you can download my free e-book by filling out the ​sign-up form below.

I believe that the more you learn online marketing, the more you earn and if you are good at one thing, you can be good at other things, For example, as a salesperson, you are not only good at communication, but you are also good at listening. Motivation and organizing things, If you can make sales offline, you can be making sales online.
It is not about the difficulty of becoming a successful online marketer. It is about your willingness to be open for learning new things and never give up.

In 2019, I wrote my first e-book-The Four Secrets of The Digital Sale Process. It is about a blueprint for a successful sale campaign using four phases-Facebook click-to-messenger ads collecting leads, nurturing, leads, and converting leads into paying customers.Please sign up to download my e-book below.


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It does not matter of how you shift your existing sales processes to the digital sales process, but it is about your willingness to be open for learning new things, and your belief that you can work less and gain more.