How To Begin With Email Marketing Automation

April 7, 2022
How To Begin With Email Marketing Automation

Hi, I'm Veasna Sam, with a darkness visibility, and today I'm talking to you about email automation. If you don't know what email automation is, it chiefly allows us to automatically send out emails. It is improbably potent for many different aspects of the organization it instant can result in client retention. It can be achieved through higher ROI and I'm really excited to dive into this awesome and inventive topic with you today. So, first, let's define what email automation is.

Basically it's a way that you can go into an ESP an email service provider and set up a series of emails that go out inside of tum, some type of sequence. Generally, when you're setting up this automation, you're going to think about what's the main purpose of it, how many different steps are you going to have and then what's the purpose of each one of those steps, you want to think about it. Like a move on your website, a move being a multiple stair process that eventually leads to some type of goal, so email automation is using emails in a repetition to achieve a purpose. So email automation allows you to educate, others, imagine an eCourse that moves out and it's you know 20 other direction that are emailed out to somebody allows you to get their mind.

Email automation could allow you to potentially onboard a brand-new consumer or a brand-new possible. Being in your software so that they understand how to use it properly, so it can be used to to do that and to deliver information inside of some some type of timely manner. It can be used inside of a sales process to principally forward beings, follow-up emails requesting them to how their experience is going. Did they get all the information they need if they stopped replying or engaging to you for a while? You know it can be used as an up-sell mechanism over all the email.

Automation has a lot of potential. So an automated email when individual audiences out your contact form, maybe there's a follow-up that says thank you and here's, some additional information, potentially here's a coupon that you can use to get a discount on a future line-up. So when it comes to email, automation, what's really important, is you first kind of think about what are the individual segments of the email, automation, denoting? What's the specific objectives, what are going to be each of your automation staples and why would you looking to accomplish? 

I find that it easy to do this by accurately get out of there a whiteboard, creating a series of goals and then outlining the steps and the email automation for that. That can be a cool way to approach it. You are also welcome to, of course, do it online in some type of excel sheet or Trello board, or something like that. Okay, so one of the main thing within email automation is understanding the different right steps. So if you do have one that's more sophisticated than certainly a simple thank you automated email and you're doing a myriad rank email automation process. Each of those steps is like a funnel inside of your website involving an area where the user can either continue on to the next one or they can unsubscribe, or they can stop engaging and opening up future emails.

So you want to think about: "wheres" beings kinds of unsubscribing, "wheres" beings overpassing and not opening further emails in the substance and most ESP email service providers that perform automation cleverness will allow you to understand how your email, automation move is working. You're going to want to analyze that, on a weekly basis make sure that you're checking in, you're always going in, you're refining and you'll find the most appropriate way to predominantly oversee that move. So that's successful for you, okay, so those are the basics for email automation. Today, really cool topic, final takeaways, think about what are the main goals that you want to accomplish with email automation begins with the easy garbage.

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