Top 10 Reasons to Advertise Via Click-to- Messenger Ads

April 7, 2022
Top 10 Reasons to Advertise Via Click-to- Messenger Ads

Hi, I am Veasna Sam. Let's talk about the top ten reasons to advertise via click-to-messenger ads.

The money is in the Messenger Leads list  the contacts list. Your choicest targeted audiences have replied to the message from your business page. Now, they are what is called your booking sales income. They do not buy now, though. If you nurture these leads well, however, they will become your paying customers in the near future.

Leads are king, both for the marketing of B2B and for the marketing of B2C. How would you sell if you do not have any contacts number of target prospects (leads)? Whenever you do not close enough sales to fulfill your target/quota, then you may have had less and unqualified contacts. Maybe contacts from the messenger contacts list.

There are 1.3 billion active users of instant messaging apps, but less than 1% of businesses use it for marketing. The benefits of click-to-messenger ad:

1. It creates a collection channel, and builds a contact list

When people click on your click-to-messenger ad, that appeared on their Facebook news feed or in their Facebook messenger inbox, they are brought to their instant messaging app. Once they contact you, their messenger contact information is stored in your messenger contacts list.

A messenger contacts list is the same as an email contacts list. You collect every audience members email, and put them in a list to send automatic emails containing promotional and non-promotional content at a later date.

2. Gaining Sales Conversions

Once you have a list of prospective customers that have contacted you via an instant messenger app, you can chat with them, send offers, add value to your relationship, and build a rapport with them. By doing these things, you increase your chances of winning sales.

The messenger is a tool for converting sales: how many and how quickly you can successfully sell depends on your selling tactics - your process of converting to sales.

3. High Open Rate and High Read Rate

A high open rate will lead to high read rate. The messenger ads have high open rate, usually from 70-80%. If your content looks convincing, your audience will start engaging by responding in the instant messaging app. This is how you begin and continue to build a relationship with them. And relationships, as we have previously said, impact emotional buying.

4. Saving Costs

Let's assume that you pay 1000 USD to launch a marketing campaign, which will generate 1000 leads  either in phone numbers or emails. That means a cost of 1 USD per lead. If only 1% of your leads convert into paying customers, that means that it cost you 100 USD each to acquire each customer.

Using messenger ads, it can cost you a minimum of about 0.15 USD (depending on the targeted interest audience you select) to generate a lead.

It also removes the costs of later advertising. Let's say you spend 15 USD to get 100 messenger leads (0.15 USD per lead). That means you have already saved 15 USD for the next ad campaign, because you can send your new ad message to those original 100 leads for free.

5. Personal and emotional touch

The messenger app is your audiences private communication channel. Therefore, communicating your marketing message, and continuing to offer them profit, you will gain more visibility, a stronger relationship, and trust.

Buyers are human, so each of them has an emotional base. Just by using word thanks so much, sorry, if you don't mind..., I think of you when I read this..., or just you are right, could have a strong emotional effect on your buyers.

6. Fewer Sales Increase Demand

More disparate sales create more sales pipelines to manage. If you are sales manager or a business owner, you know how hard it is to manage the sales work accomplished by your employees.

The effort and time that it takes to seek out a potential buyer, and follow up with them for sales conversion, is not an easy job.

Using the messenger marketing channel, you can collect the contact information of potential buyers, approach your prospective customers, follow up, and ask them to buy from you.

7. Organic Reach

Once your audience opts-in in for your messenger list, they become your organic reach. Like I mentioned in number 4, now you can contact them and send them messages about your business for free.

8. Measurement of Ads Cost

Throwing money into traditional marketing is like throwing your money from the top of windy mountain. It is an enormous headache to trace back the profits to the costs and find out where all of the money goes, and when your spending is effective. The effective measurement of ads cost is measured by answering the following question:

For online advertising, when you are using messenger advertisements correctly, the above three questions are not difficult to answer.

9. Follow-up Messages

Once your audience has joined your messenger list, you can send them offers, or any content of value to educate your audience about useful information relevant to your product. You can use automate follow-up messages with the free Mobile Monkey automation tool.

10. Beating Your Competitor

The gap of opportunity between the number of active messenger users and the percentage leveraged by traditional businesses is an opportunity for you to beat your competitors. Every single minute, your competitors can steal your prospective customers or clients with this power marketing tool.

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